Convention Rules

Rules and Guidelines for Attendance 

Beholder Con Rules and Guidelines are to help ensure the Safety, Health & Enjoyment of our; Attendees, Beholder Con Staff & Venue Staff for the duration of our events. We hope you enjoy our events, and if you have any questions regarding any of our rules please feel free to contact us at

1.0 – [Attendance]

1.1 – Terms of Service: As a requirement for attending Beholder Con you (or if you are under the legal age of 18 your parent(s) and/or legal guardian(s)), accept and agree to:
       •    Indemnify, defend, hold harmless, waive and release from all liability Beholder Con, its owners, organizers, volunteers, event runners, sponsors, and partners from all claims of damages, losses, accidents, and injuries, excluding such incidents arising out of gross negligence.
        •    Acknowledge the possibility of being photographed and/or filmed, and agree to grant permission for the resulting images and/or footage to be used for non-commercial as well as commercial use in marketing and advertising materials for and by Fandemonium.
       •    Allow Beholder Con to use your provided e-mail address to send you Beholder Con related promotional information. You may unsubscribe from these mailings at any time you wish to stop receiving them. Your e-mail address will only be used for the stated purpose and it will never be shared, sold, or published by Beholder Con.
       •    Abide by all rules, guidelines, and terms of service as set forth by Beholder Con, written, spoken or implied. You further understand that we reserve the right to refuse service to anyone at any time for any reason

1.2 – Badges: Badges must be worn visibly on the front of your upper torso between neck and waist at all times while at our event. This is to help ensure the safety and well being of all attendees, and to ensure all those in attendance are allowed at our event.
       •    If your badge is not in the proper location you will be asked by a member of staff to correct it. Refusal to do so may result in your immediate removal from the event.
       •     If you have no badge or your badge is not visible, you will be asked to purchase one or leave the convention area.
       •    If you lose your badge, check at Registration from 10am-6pm
       •    If you find a badge please return it to Registration immediately.
       •    You will be charged a $5.00 fee for replacing a lost badge.  Those caught sharing a badge between multiple people or counterfeiting badges by means of mechanical reproduction or fraud will be removed from Beholder Con and possibly banned from future Beholder Con events.

1.3 – Weapons :
       •    Prohibited items: We do not allow, under any circumstance, weapons (whether live-edged or intended as a prop weapon), real guns (whether or not they are functional), or real projectile weapons (whether or not they are functional). This policy includes individuals who possess a weapons permit or a concealed weapons permit.  Never threaten anyone with a weapon whether real or fake. Do not brandish your props in a threatening manner.

1.4 – Minors: All minors under the age of 18 must have permission from a parent or legal guardian to attend Beholder Con.
       •    Children under the age of 10 must be accompanied at all times by an attending adult.
       •    Children under the age of 13 must have a responsible adult in attendance.
If we find an unaccompanied minor child under the age of 10, we will first attempt to locate the child’s Parent(s) or Legal Guardian(s). If we are unable to do so we are required by law to contact the police department and report them as a lost child.

1.5- Compliance (e.g., Resistance is Futile): If the staff of Beholder Con or the venue asks you to quiet down, stop a particular behavior, or to leave an area, please do so. If not, you will be asked to leave the event.

1.6 – Unacceptable Behavior: There are certain types of actions that will not be tolerated at Beholder Con. Any such behavior will result in the immediate confiscation of your badge without refund, ejection from the event, and being barred from all future Fandemonium events. The proper authorities will also be contacted to deal with the situation. Disallowed behaviors include, but are not limited to:
       •    Theft
       •    Assault
       •    Willful Destruction of Property

1.7 – Purchases: You are responsible for all items you bring into, purchase at, or come into ownership of while in attendance at Beholder Con.

1.8 – Staff Courtesy: Please treat the Beholder Con and venue staff with respect. These folks are working very hard to put on this event for you so that you can have a great time.

1.9 – Photography & Audio/Video Recording: Unless otherwise posted, photography & audio/video recording is allowed at all events during the convention, excluding adult (18+) events. Please note however that some panels or events may restrict or prohibit the use of photography, flash photography, and/or audio/video recording, and that you are required to abide by said policies. Any restrictions of these types will be posted outside of the event room.

2.0 – [Health]

2.1 – No outside food or drink are permitted on the premises, so make sure you are eating before, or purchasing food and drinks from the restaurant.

2.2 – Smoking: Smoking is not permitted inside of the building. E-cigarettes also known as ‘Vaping’ are also not permitted. Boise City ordinance requires all smokers to maintain a distance of at least 20ft from the entrance when smoking. Boise City ordinance also prohibits all smoking on public sidewalks, or indoors.  Vaping is allowed on public sidewalks, but not indoors. It is unlawful for anyone under the age of 18 to smoke in Idaho.

2.3 – Shoes, Shirt, Service: As this event is being held in a restaurant, you must wear clothes and shoes at all times.

3.0 – [Venue]
3.1 – Venue Structural Integrity: Please do not burn, flood, jackhammer, tunnel through, paint, sketch on, eat, tamper with, or otherwise damage or deface venue in any way. We like them and they like us, and we would like to keep it that way..

3.2 – Loitering: Attendees are asked not to block doorways or hallways for any length of time, to

3.3 – Awareness: Help us keep Beholder Con safe!  If you witness any violations of any of our policies and terms of service, please notify Beholder Con volunteer as soon as possible.  You can identify these individuals by their staff shirts and staff badges.  Thank you for your help.

3.4 – Conditions of attending a Beholder Con event:
       •    No real weapons are allowed on the property. All firearms, functional projectile weapons, all live steel weapons, all forms of ammunition, and any dangerous items or ones that would place another in immediate harm are strictly forbidden. You may not carry or brandish any of these at any time in or around the property. This also includes individuals who possess a weapons permit and/or a concealed carry permit.